Dr John Peterson D.P.M., A.A.C.F.A.S is a well trained foot and ankle surgeon practicing in the Idaho Falls area.  He specializes in foot and ankle care including ankle sprains, ankle breaks, ingrown toe nails, bunions, hammertoes, orthotics, warts, corns, and many other foot pains, toe pains, ankle pain, in his office in Idaho Falls.

Dr. John Peterson, D.P.M,  A.A.C.F.A.S was born and raised in the upper valley snake river area, and fell in love with the outdoors as a kid.   


As a teen, Dr. Peterson needed many toenail surgeries.  Oddly enough, that helped him to be interested in becoming a Foot Doctor. He became well acquainted with the D.P.M. who performed his surgeries and was able to spend time observing in his office. He became a surgical technologist and was able to assist in many different surgeries from dermatology to delivering babies via C-Section. Through this experience,  he realized that he related well with the Foot and Ankle Doctors, and felt that he should move his career and education in  that direction. 


He attended BYU-Provo, obtaining a bachelors degree in Physiology, and next, Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine In Philadelphia, PA, where he received his Doctorate of Podiatric Medicine.  He then attended a Podiatric Medical Surgical Residency – Rearfoot / Reconstruction and Ankle Surgery in Alliance Ohio which consisted of surgical training at 8 different hospitals with over 20 of the top Foot and Ankle Specialists in the area for 3 years. Following his completion of residency, he became an Associate for a Foot and Ankle Practice in Albuquerque, where he worked long hours taking call at the local hospitals, before deciding to move back to Idaho Falls. 


Dr. Peterson has been practicing medicine for over 10  years. Foot & Ankle Specialists of Idaho was opened in 2014. 


While Dr. Peterson worked in Albuquerque New Mexico,  he felt pressured  to rush through patient visits to "meet quotas." This was undesirable to him, and he felt each patient deserved to have ample time to discuss all problems and possibilities.  His practice is based on the idea that it takes time to understand each patients' individual problems. If you read our reviews online, patients love the time that he spends with each person. One patient said to us: "I learned more in 30 minutes with Dr. Peterson than I learned in 30 years of previous Doctors' appointments!" He is compassionate and this shows in the time that he spends with each patient. Our mission statement is "Comprehensive, Compassionate care” and Dr. Peterson and his team emulate this in every aspect.